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Flingster App > Swipe Less, Fling More

Sick of clunky browser tabs? Let's make things easier. Get the Flingster app right on your home screen - it's faster, it's slicker, and oh yeah, it's free! Whether you use Chrome, pera, Safari, or browsers, we got you covered. Here's how to put Flingster just a tap away on your Android or iOS devices.

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Unlock a whole new Flingster experience faster, smoother, and free to install.

android app icon Android Instructions iOS app icon iOS Instructions

Let's get Flingster up and running on your Android device, shall we? Just follow these quick steps:

open arrow icon
Open Chrome

Got Chrome on your device? Sweet. Fire it up and head over to Flingster.com.

open browser icon
Access the Menu

See those three dots in the top right corner? Tap them to open up your browser's menu.

Add Flingster icon
Add Flingster

From the list of options, choose "Add to Home screen". Chrome will then do its thing and prompt you for the next step.

rename app icon
Name Your App

Want more privacy? You can rename the app before you add it to your home screen. Once you're done, confirm the addition.

enjoy emoji
Check It Out

Tap the new Flingster icon on your home screen to make sure everything's cool. Done and done, your Flingster app is now active!

If you're rocking an iOS device, no sweat, here's how to bring Flingster onto your screen:

open arrow icon
Open Safari

Launch Safari on your device and cruise over to Flingster.com.

share ios icon
Tap the Share Icon

See the square icon with an upward arrow? That's the Share icon. Give it a tap.

Add Flingster icon
Add Flingster

From the menu that pops up, select "Add to Home screen".

rename app icon
Name Your App

Feel like keeping things low key? Rename the app before you save it to your home screen.

enjoy emoji
Launch and Enjoy:

Tap the Flingster icon on your home screen to make sure we're good to go. And that's it! Your Flingster app is working now.

Remember, Flingster is now just a tap away, ready whenever you are.

Happy Flingstering!