Flingster: Chat, Connect, Explore

Welcome to Flingster! Here, every click is a chance to meet new people. We started Flingster to help people from all over the world talk easily and make friends. Today, it's a place where people who love adventures and exploring come together. Flingster is more than a place to chat. It's where you can make exciting new friends while we keep your chats private. Come join us at Flingster and enjoy the fun of meeting someone new.

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Global Connection Innovators

  • How We Started: Flingster began in 2014 with a big idea: make it easy for people around the world to meet and chat.
  • Our Growth: We've grown fast, reaching over a billion connections and over 15 million users in 180 different countries.
  • Who We Connect: Today, we help people from all over the globe talk to each other, no matter where they are.

Values in Action

  • What We Stand For: We believe in being honest, creative, and welcoming everyone.
  • Making Things Better for You: We're always working to make Flingster better and more fun to use.
  • Keeping You Safe: We take your privacy and safety seriously and work hard to protect it.

The Flingster Crew

  • Who Leads Us: Our team is full of people who love technology and bringing new ideas to life.
  • Our Team: We have talented people all around the world working together.
  • Growing Our Skills: We always learn new things to make Flingster even better

Journey of Evolution

  • Our Story: We'll share the important moments from when we started to now.
  • New Stuff We've Made: We're always adding cool features, like fun masks and smart ways to match you with others.
  • Awards We've Won: We're proud to have been recognized for our technology and service.

Visionary Goals

  • Looking Ahead: We're excited to add more smart features to make chatting even better.
  • Our Big Dream: We want to be the best at helping you meet and chat with new people.
  • Listening to You: Your opinions are important to us, and we use them to make Flingster better for everyone.